7 Step Training Program for New Agents 

​​Get Organized:

  • We recommend you have two 1" binders. One Training Binder and one Field Binder.

  • ​You will also need a field bag or backpack.

Submitting Applications:

  • ​Contact your manager on the process for submitting your first application.

  • Never submit a paper application directly to the insurance carriers.

  • We must always report e-applications to Equis as soon as completing the e-app.

If you have your insurance license, start at STEP 1.
If you do not have your insurance license, skip STEP 1 until you have your license.

STEP 1 - CONTRACTING (insurance license required)

Complete the 3 TASKS below to have your Contracting documents submitted to the carriers, full access to the Equis Agent Dashboard, and access to the Equis Lead System.

1. Contracting Packet / Carrier Contracting Profile

  • Please read the section below "Documents for your Contracting Profile"

  • Your submission must be ONE PDF document. Do not send individual PDF pages. 

2. Surancebay Emails

  • Surancebay is the online system we use to transmit your contracting info to each carrier.

  • Text this document to your manager when Surancebay emails are complete.

  • After your Contracting Packet is APPROVED, you will receive a emails through Surancebay to confirm each carrier contract. You must open and confirm each email.  

3. Request Access to Equis Lead System (OPT)

  • OPT is the software program used by Equis to manage our lead program.

  • After you have completed the Surancebay emails you should request access to OPT

  • After you have received the "Verified" email from Equis, you are ready to start buying leads.

GPM Contracting 

  • The GPM contracting link will come from the Equis office 2-3 days after you receive the Surancebay emails

  • You must fill out and submit the contract for it to be processed. 

  • GPM can take up to 3 weeks to send you your writing number.   

  • GPM requires you to have a writing number before you can write your first app.                                                             

TIP - Start Selling Now!

  • You can start writing business as soon as you complete the Surancebay emails referenced above.

  • You do NOT need writing numbers from the carriers to submit business in most states. 

  • Review the pre-appointment states with your manager.​

Documents for your Contracting Profile

  • Copy of your insurance license

  • Copy of your drivers license

  • Voided check

  • ​REG-ED Anti-Money Laundering (AML) certificate.

    • ​​​Equis Financial REQUIRES Anti Money Laundering. We must have the RegEd AML only, no other AML will be accepted even if obtained recently. This is a free course for you, to get this deal you MUST use this link. 

    • https://secure.reged.com/Login/vu/VirtualUniversity/EQUIS

    • Select  Opt out of CE credits option, this AML Course cannot be applied towards CE credits. Upon completing the course take a screenshot and upload to your Contracting Profile.

  • Errors & Omissions Insurance (E&O)

    • ​This insurance helps to protect against claims arising from the sale and servicing of insurance products.  E&O is not required to contract with most of our carriers but is highly recommended.

    • ​We recommend using the NAPA, National Association of Professional Agents.  You can access their information HERE and clicking on the Life & Health Agent E&O button. 

    • Reminder: For any of the annuity carriers your E&O also needs additional coverage for fixed/indexed annuities.



Review this information with your manager 

  • Weekly Conference Call Schedule HERE

  • Register for the next National ConventioHERE

  • Learn how to Earn Free Leads - Full Details HERE

  • To view your Commission Schedule: Click HERE and scroll down to "Agent Compensation Levels"

  • To view the Promotional Guidelines, Click HERE and Scroll down to "Agent & Agency Promotion Guide"

  • Set Income Goals

  • Set Schedule​​




  • Print the check list below and then call your manager before printing applications.

  • Click Here for the Application Check List.  This is a list of applications to print and place in your bag. Print at least two copies of each application. Text the check list to your manager when completed.

2. UNDERWRITING GRIDS: Print in COLOR and laminate OR place in clear sheet protectors and keep in your field binder.

  • Term & Universal Life Underwriting Grid

  • Whole Underwriting Grid

  • Height and Weight Chart - Term & UL

  • Height and Weight Chart - Whole Life

3. PRODUCT TABLES: Print in COLOR and laminate OR place in clear sheet protectors and keep in your field binder

4. IN-HOME TOOLS: Print in COLOR and laminate OR place in clear sheet protectors and keep in your field binder

  • ​The New Kind of Life Insurance - The Value of Mortgage Protection & Living Benefits  (Click Here)

  • 48-48-50 : Stats to show your clients (Click Here)

  • Living Benefits Grid for Term & UL (Click Here)

  • Living Benefits for Whole Life (Click Here)

  • Mortality Guidelines  (Click Here)


5. NEEDS ANALYSIS Worksheet:  Print multiple copies of the Needs Analysis Worksheet. You will fill this out while sitting with clients to determine eligibility. Text completed worksheet to your manager.



To access quoting tools, click the links below and create shortcuts on your phone's home screen. .

After you have access to the lead systems, review the live lead inventories with your Manager and make your first purchase.


Refer to STEP 1 for instructions on requesting access to OPT.  OPT is the Equis Financial lead system. 


MailCo Account Set-Up
You do not need full access to Equis Agent Dashboard to register with MailCo. All agents can register at any time with MailCo.
Sign-up for a MailCo account  

  • Agency name is "Equis"

  • Group name is "Theodore Group"


Step 6 - Phone Scripts

Setting The Appointment 

Watch Equis founder Rob Jones and top producer Michael Coe dial leads and set the appointments LIVE! 


  • ​View the In-Home Presentation videos listed below.

In Home Presentation 

Rob Jones show you how to run an appointment in this live demonstration.

In Home Sales Tips by Nick

In this video Nick Theodore reviews how to use the documents in Step 3 above.

How to Run Appointments 

Sit in the the client's chair and see how Bill Martin became a top field agent. Learn how Bill is able to skillfully close an appointment in under 20 minutes.

How to Handle Objections 

Learn how to handle objections while in the home with clients. 

Living Benefits Life Insurance
Download this video to your devices and play for your clients while you are running quotes.


Here is what to do next to get your 1st policy sold and get your 1st commission in your bank account:

  1. Owning what you sell is critical for your success. Discuss with your Manager what policy best suits you and others you may know. You can get $100 - $300 in lead credit by submitting your 1st policy.

  2. Talk with your Manager for what leads to start with.

  3. Buy Leads and start calling.

  4. As you book appointments, track your activity and let your Manager know what time the appointments are set for.

  5. Set up a time to talk with your Manager to prepare for your appointments.

  6. During the appointment, be sure you fill out the Needs Analysis Worksheet, take a picture of it and text it to your Manager for a decision on which product to write for that client.

  7. If it is an Electronic Application, be sure that you report the E-App on your Equis website while you are still in the house.

  8. If it is a Paper Application, be sure to fill it out to the best of your ability and then scan it to your Manager in a PDF so they can check it for any errors before you Submit it on your Equis website.

  9. Never submit a Paper Application without your Manager seeing it 1st and getting their approval.

  10. Never submit a Paper Application directly to an insurance company, it must go through Equis.

  11. As your policy goes through the process with the insurance company, if you get an email from the insurance company asking for additional information, contact your Manager for help.