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Next Steps

Thank you for your interest in our company and going through our "automated process" for scheduling an interview. This helps us identify qualified candidates who are truly interested in working with us. All interviews are with Jon Schwartz and he is looking forward to speaking with you.



  1. Watch the Business Overview video and review the qualifications listed below to determine if you are a good candidate for this position.

  2. Complete the form below to receive a text and email with the information to obtain your life insurance license with our discount code for the study course.

  3. You will also receive a link to schedule an interview.

 << Watch This Video >>

Please review the following qualifications:

1. You are willing to get a life insurance license through your state with a cost of about $200.  
2. You are willing to drive to meet with clients in their homes.  
3. You are willing to work on 100% commission.

4. You have watched the Business Overview video and have the PASSCODE provided in the video.

** Do Not Book an Interview if you live in NY, HI, AK**

We are not able to hire in these states due to licensing requirements.

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