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Congratulations to Our Two New Regional Managers!

Updated: Oct 25, 2020

At the end of last month, two of Schwartz Agency's own were promoted to regional managers: congratulations to Randy Montrose and Stephanie Harlan!

Stephanie Harlan, who has been working with Schwartz Agency under Equis Financial for almost two years, was promoted to diamond elite regional manager last month. Stephanie has been incredible to watch as she developed her team in such a short period of time. One of her agents, Nick Ranslem, has played a huge role behind the scenes in recruitment and on-boarding of new agents. Furthermore, Stephanie has incredible relationships with all of her agents, as proven with the lowest turnover rate among all managers in Schwartz Agency, the loyalty she earns is well deserved.

Randy Montrose is a beast of an agent and has been working with Schwartz Agency under Equis Financial for two years. Randy is the embodiment of all six of the Equis Financial Core Values, especially ownerships and humility, Randy is the CEO of his own business which has expanded into a family business as his daughter, Taylor Montrose has recently joined the agency and received Ignite Status during her first 45 days on the job. In addition to being driven, motivated and incredibly successful, Randy is impressively humble.

We cannot thank these two enough for their hard work and inspiring leadership. These promotions are well deserved and we look forward to all the success you both have ahead!

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