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In honor of September being National Life Insurance Awareness Month, please read further for resources available to you through Schwartz Agency and Equis Financial to increase your knowledge of the industry!

Equis Financial holds virtual calls, live dials and training sessions several times a week that agents and clients alike are encouraged to join. For example, every Monday there is a Monday Morning Kickoff Video Call at 11 AM EST to set the tone for the week and every Friday there is Sales Training Video Call at 11 AM EST. To view the full list of weekly calls and live dials, please visit our social media pages linked on the website.

Furthermore, on the Schwartz Agency website, under the Training tab, there are 5 drop down links that our agents use daily in the field to help clients understand and find the best policies for them. The New Agent Training is the all-included process any new agent needs to complete in order to set themselves up for success and complete their training. The Training Resources tab is another location agents, especially new ones, can go if they are stuck or need ideas to get their business moving. The Underwriting Tools and Advanced Underwriting tabs are a quick way for agents to access all the insurance charts and information they need while out in the field with a client: it is thorough, comprehensive and contains every detail of underwriting information an agent could need. The Conference Calls Recordings tab contains the most recent live dials or training sessions held in case someone missed it or needs to go back and reference the discussion.

In addition, the bonuses tab on the Schwartz Agency website included all the financial benefits of joining our company and clearly explains the rewards given for specific achievements.

If you are interested in joining us here at Schwartz Agency or Equis Financial, please be sure to check out both of our website ( and ( as well as all of our social medias to see what we are up to! Happy National Life Insurance Awareness Month!

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