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September is National Life Insurance Awareness Month!

In 2004, an organization named Life Happens launched a campaign called National Life Insurance Awareness Month. Insurance companies and trade groups in the industry around the country have participated in this campaign since its origin and the results have been tremendous!

This campaign mainly entails distribution of knowledge and encouragement to buy policies. Some of the most frequent questions asked during this month include: why do I need life insurance? How much do I need? What type of policy should I buy? Who should my beneficiaries be?

These are all questions that have been asked and answered during these campaigns. Due to the fact that life insurance is incredibly specific to the recipient of the policy, each policy is unique.

These policies first and foremost protect your loved ones, and people who do have policies often lack adequate coverage. Learning how life insurance can benefit both you and your family will make you reconsider what to buy.

To learn more about what exactly this campaign entails and why you should participate, please visit the Life Happens website at: Their website includes countless resources, personal stories and marketing guides to lead you on a successful campaign journey.

To learn more about how Schwartz Agency or Equis Financial can help you buy or review your life insurance policies, please contact your local agent or visit Equis's Living Benefits page:

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