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Advanced Underwriting

Credit Cards

  • AIG

  • Gerber

  • Prosperity

  • TransAm2023


American Amicable


Ameritas FLX Term

Columbian Financial Group - CFG




  • Strong Foundation - Application

  • SF Searchable

  • Strong Foundation & SmartUL - UW Guide

  • Foresters Playbook

  • Critical and Chronic Issue age 75 and younger / Terminal all ages

  • PlanRight - Application 2019

  • PlanRight - UW Guide 2019(includes RX combos for Diabetes resulting in BASIC DB)

  • Juveniles 

    • For SMART UL and Advantage Plus II, if the Proposed Insured’s age is LESS than 16 and the Owner is NOT the Parent or Legal Guardian, you need both the Owner’s and the Parent or Legal Guardian’s signatures.

    • For Term, SMART UL and Advantage Plus II, if the Proposed Insured is age 16 or 17, the signature of their Parent or Legal Guardian is required.

    • Signature required at 16 and 17, plus parent per above.

    • BrightFuture and Prepared II are excluded from these new requirements.


  • Bright Future (0-17)

    • Product Guide

    • ADB Terminal Only, Common Carrier AD, Family Health Benefit

    • Age 16 will get member benefits, 18 for LawAssure and Community Grants​

    • Executor of Estate becomes owner if parent dies before child is 18.

    • Child at age 18 becomes owner

    • Member Benefits at age 18 for scholarship $2500 per year up to 4x = $10,000

    • G.I. Rider would be for UL or Adv Plus with LB.

  • Immigration Guidelines

  • Member Benefits

  • Replacement Guidelines

  • Quoter


Gerber Life


Government Personal Mutual - GPM

Great Western

John Hancock

Mutual of Omaha


National Life Group / LSW


  • Height & Weigh Table - refer to Oxford Site


Royal Neighbors

2024 - New Final Exp by RNA

2022 - VOID



Immediate Solutions/Final Expense

  • Application

  • E-App Screen Shots

  • Agent Guide 02.08.24

  • UW Enhancements / Cheat Sheet

  • FAQ

  • Juvenile is 0-17

  • UW Notes 2024

    • Activity credit only applies to Heart Disease, Respiratory/COPD, Build​

    • Heart Disease by itself is Preferred. If combined with another condition that is rated STD, then the Heart Disease will be rated STD.

    • Diabetes and Heart disease without Activity Credit = GRADED

    • Diabetes and Heart disease with Activity Credit = STD

    • Respiratory/COPD and Heart disease without Activity Credit = GRADED

    • Respiratory/COPD and Heart disease with Activity Credit = STD

    • Standard Build with Heart Disease without Activity Credit = GRADED

    • Standard Build with Heart Disease with Activity Credit = Standard

Term LB and Super

Immediate Solutions 2019 - VOID DO NOT USE


Advanced underwriting for field agents  with Equis Financial Insurance

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